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Indie88 Album Premiere: Stream Young Galaxy’s ‘Falsework’

There’s something truly unique in taking something from the past and turning it into something that points to the future. This is the basis for Young Galaxy’s new record Falsework.

Montreal trio Stephen Ramsay, Catherine McCandless and Matthew Shapiro have come a long way from their humble indie-pop origins. Since 2007, Young Galaxy has produced six EPs and four full LPs. Though it was really the last two Polaris Prize nominated albums Shapeshifting (2011) and Ultramarine (2013) where they started their progression from garage dream-pop to the indie-dance-pop sound that they have mastered on Falsework.

At first glance, Falsework could be mistaken for a one-off compilation of dance tracks written by a group of big name L.A. hip-hop producers. But with a look into Young Galaxy’s past, it becomes clear that this is a group who has worked for years refining and evolving their own unique likeness.

Though with producer Dan Lissvik (Studio, Atelje), it’s obvious that the band has a few new tricks up their sleeves. Vintage, mid-’80s synths and drum textures make the basis for the album’s dancey, borderline club tracks such as “Body” and the single “Factory Flaws”. A conscious effort is made to pay homage to the greats of the ’80s, like Phil Collins and even Paul Simon, and it comes through in the jazzy “The Night Wants Us To Be Free” and the funk-inspired “Must Be Love”. Falsework is an undeniable tribute to the ’80s, while still creating the sounds of the future.

Falsework comes October 30th via Paper Bag Records, but for now it is available to stream in the player above.

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