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Indie88 Announcers React to Reflektor

With much hype and conversation around the latest Arcade Fire release “Reflektor”, our announcers weigh in with their thoughts, reactions, and favourite tracks. Don’t have the album yet? No worries, you can stream it right here and compare notes.

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At their best, Arcade Fire deals in emotion – they might do it with exceptional musical skill — but it’s when they’re making you FEEL that they do their most memorable work. And listening to Awful Sound (Oh Eurydice), with its relentless beat, its long, building swells and breaks of catharsis is like laying back on the beach and feeling the heaviness of those waves of emotion wash over you. I remember once reading somewhere… someone asked if there was a secret to the way Arcade Fire manages to control their listeners’ emotional reactions – and if the secret is somewhere on this album, it might just be in this track.
Fave track: (at least, so far) – “Awful Sound (Oh Eurydice)”

The best way to sum up this ambitious, sprawling work is to quote another Montrealer who got the world dancing safely in 1982 :

We can dance if we want to,
we’ll leave all your life behind,
as long as we have music,
we’re never gonna lose it,
everything’ll work out fine.

Fave track: “Normal Person” – From it’s pulsating minimalist verses to it’s exploding chorus, it’s Win Butler at his “channeling David Byrne” best.

The album is epic. There is no other way to describe. Its big, it fills your ears with sounds that you’ve never heard all in one place before. I feel like it could be synced up to a movie just like Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, only I couldn’t even fathom what kind of visuals you’d actually see. It would be terrifyingly terrific. My ears particularly liked “Flashbulb Eyes”, I don’t know why, I just trusted what they told me.

I love that Reflektor is an album I can dance to. Big fan of the Bowie contribution!
Fave track: “Reflektor”

I think every great album should have a moment that gives you a goosebumps – Reflektor has a few, but my favourite comes around the 4 minute mark of “Supersymmetry” when the synth and strings meet in a beautiful swell, punctuated by the sparse tapping of the snare.

There was a lot of hype for this record. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter as Arcade Fire has paid attention to every detail of the lyrics and sound of this record, which for me made it enjoyable.

Fave Song: The song I found myself going back to listen to more than the rest was “Its Never Over (Oh Orpheus)” because of its super catchy dancey guitar riff that matches the drums and heavy synth notes perfectly, giving it a big sound.

It’s about a Greek myth. The short version is Orpheus charms his way into Hades to rescue his wife, makes a deal with the condition she follows him out and can’t look back until they’re out, he does a little early.

I read somewhere Win Butler will play this for his baby when he’s crying because they played this song for him a hundred thousand times while he was in the womb and now it calms him.

This record takes itself a little less serious than previous outings. It’s Arcade Fire you can shake your ass to!
Fave track: “We Exist”

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