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Indie88 Celebrates Bill Murray Day

To celebrate the world premiere of his new movie St. Vincent, TIFF declared that Friday September 5th will be “Bill Murray Day”.

So in honour of this supremely important holiday, we asked the Indie88 announcers to say a few words about their favourite BM flick.

Help celebrate Bill Murray Day tomorrow and share your top movies in the comments!

RAINA: Groundhog Day.

Why? First reason: Groundhog Day’s my birthday. As a kid, the idea of having your birthday repeat forever is just too good an idea NOT to love. But if you want to go deeper, Groundhog Day is surprisingly dark existentialist comedy that asks you: if you had to live the same day over and over, what would your decisions be like? How would you find meaning? Bill Murray shows he’s a master of comedy, keeping the laughs going while exploring the idea that ultimately, each of us is alone in determining our destiny.


CANDICE: Zombieland.

Bill Murray has a cameo in this wonderful film about surviving a zombie apocalypse. The reason it’s my favourite Bill Murray role is because he stars as himself and it was the first time I realized what a cool guy he is. In the film, Bill Murray has not been infected because he is dressed like a zombie to F with the real zombies. Sadly he gets shot and killed when mistaken for a real zombie. Well done Bill Murray, well done.


BRIAN: Lost In Translation.

What’s better than a racially insensitive movie about a melancholy Bill Murray dating a much younger Scarlett Johansson? Hilarious scenes like the “Suntory Time” whiskey commercial is classic Bill Murray, and the killer soundtrack punctuated by The Jesus And Mary Chain’s “Just Like Honey” will haunt you for days.


MATT: Caddyshack.

Caddyshack is the best Bill Murray movie because he duped us. He duped us into thinking that he was a one-note, catchphrase-spouting, physical comedian who could never achieve the heights he’s reached in both comedic and dramatic roles. He chased fictional spirits with a proton pack in Ghostbusters and internal demons with a glass of scotch in Lost in Translation. He is a man that shows us all that we never have to be just one thing in life and can change everything on a whim if we allow ourselves.


BOOKIE: Where The Buffalo Roam.

Murray’s take on Hunter S. Thompson brings heart and warmth to the gonzo journalist. His chemistry with the late great Peter Boyle, who plays his lawyer and a beautiful musical score by Neil Young seal the deal.


CARLIN: Ghostbusters.

This movie was on repeat in my house as a kid. Bill Murray played Peter Venkman the LEADER of the Ghostbusters. Sarcastic, deadpan, and underneath it all very sweet, makes this character a prime example for why people love Bill Murray so much. It’s hard to imagine Ghostbusters without him but John Belushi was cast as his character before he died in 1982.


BRENT: Space Jam.

I know most people think of Space Jam as a Michael Jordan movie but Bill Murray steals the show. My boy Bill is in the movie for probably like 15 minutes total, but if it wasn’t for him, Michael Jordan and everyone on the Tune Squad would be forced to move to Moron Mountain! His performance inspired me enough to buy a custom Tune Squad jersey with “Murray” on the back. Praise the Bill!

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