Indie88 has teamed up with Babsocks to donate 1,000 pairs of socks to Socks 4 Souls Canada

As part of The Josie Dye Show's third annual Socks for the Streets campaign

Toronto Maple Leafs coach Mike Babcock was let go earlier this month, so Major League Socks (formerly Babsocks) has teamed up with Indie88 to donate 1,000 pairs of socks to The Josie Dye Show’s third annual Socks for the Streets campaign.

Socks for the Streets was created in partnership with Socks 4 Souls Canada, a volunteer-based organization that helps provide clean socks for Toronto’s homeless population.

“Socks for the Streets started a few years ago when we realized that there was a crisis in our city,” our very own Josie Dye explains. “We talk about Toronto being this world class place, yet we have hundreds of people freezing on the streets every year. This campaign is all about addressing that reality and making sure we’re keeping our fellow Torontonians warm.”

A census in 2018 revealed that there are more than 8,700 homeless individuals in this city, and more than 20% of their medical problems are related to foot health. This year, the Socks for the Street campaign aims to collect 35,000 socks for those in need.

Sock donations can be dropped off at Dufferin Mall on Friday, December 13th and Saturday, December 14th where The Josie Dye Show will be broadcasting live starting at 10:00 a.m. If you’d like to host your own sock drive or make a donation, you can do so here.