Indie88 Joins Radioplayer Canada Launch

Over 400 stations all at your fingertips

Imagine a world where every corner of Canadian radio comes together, all different bases creating a cozy crevice on your mobile device. Well, the digital age made it happen. Canadian radio stations have made the decision to make their content more accessible for listeners by introducing “Radioplayer Canada.”

Yes, this means all Canadian radio (including Indie88!) from coast to coast available in one app! It’s easy and quick to download. You can get it on your phone in under 60 seconds, it works with car radios, Bluetooth and Apple Watch. The future of radio is here, are you ready for it?

Try and contain your excitement, you’ll be able to listen to Indie88 from literally anywhere you please, you can listen live or catch up on what you’ve missed! Bringing the music that much closer to our listeners, FOR FREE. You can also listen to Indie88 and keep up with the latest music, pop culture, and local news with the Indie88 mobile app.

It’s waiting for you!