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Indie88 Premiere: Acid Tongue share video for ‘Take Me To Your Leader’ alongside new EP ‘Blossom’

Acid Tongue have shared a video for their single “Take Me To Your Leader” alongside their new EP Blossom, premiering now on Indie88. Singer-songwriter Guy Keltner and drummer/visual artist Ian Cunningham join forces to make Acid Tongue.

“Take Me To Your Leader” is an excellent preview of the EP. Featuring Death Valley Girls, this raucous, retro tune is definitely a must-listen. Acid Tongue wrote the track during the January 6th storming of the United States Capitol. It channels hope for freedom and hope for change. The accompanying video features glitchy, eerie flashing shots. Throughout the clip, there are dark images interspersed with shots of the bands singing along to the tune.

“We linked up with Bonnie Bloomgarden of Death Valley Girls to create a good old-fashioned rock & roll song,” Acid Tongue explain. “The resulting tune was rewritten on a certain cold January day as we watched a bunch of full grown adults act like crybabies, throwing a big tantrum in DC. The video is a playful, dark spin on everything we were feeling as we watched with despair.”

Watch the video for “Take Me To Your Leader” below.

Acid Tongue’s new EP Blossom

“The songs on Blossom represent a significant period of growth & metamorphosis for us as individuals & a band (hence the EP title),” Cunningham explains. “When we recorded these tracks, last summer, I had moved back to Seattle from Los Angeles to ride out the pandemic (great, another covid band story) – marking the first time that Guy & I were actually living in the same city for almost our entire history as a band. During all this, Guy got sober & found help with some serious mental health issues, I moved into a quiet little house & got a dog, and we both just became a bit more relaxed & stable.”

The entire EP is a soft reflection on the past year. Lyrically, it celebrates reconnecting with friends. Guy and Ian self-produced 15 new songs during the 2020 stay-at-home order. They then split the songs across an EP and an LP. Blossom features Calvin Love, Smokey Brights, Libra, and more.

Stream Blossom below.

Lead photo courtesy of Chase Hart.

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