Indie88 Premiere: Anna Wiebe releases new guitar-driven track ‘Fortune’

Her forthcoming album 'All I Do Is Move' drops in July

Guelph-based singer-songwriter Anna Wiebe has just dropped “Fortune,” a silky, melancholic track off of her forthcoming record, All I Do Is Move.

“Fortune” is a textured, guitar driven track packed with grungy riffs, a driving drum beat, and smooth, wailing vocal lines. Throughout the tune, Wiebe howls vulnerable lyrics like, “I never got the ending that I always thought I would/ So I circle over and over.”

“‘Fortune’ is about trying to break free of a cycle; about growing up and the feelings of frustration that come with that process,” Weibe explains to Indie88. “This is the first single I’m sharing off of All I Do Is Move, my second full-length that will be out this coming July. The album focuses on cycles, and the mental growth and movement that comes with life’s lessons.”

Listen to “Fortune” below.

All I Do Is Move is set for release in July.