Indie88 Premiere: Arsun share new single ‘Southern Winds’

A new single from the New York-based artist

Arsun have shared their new single “Southern Winds.”

“‘Southern Winds’ draws from influences such as Phil Spector, Nancy Sinatra’s ‘You Only Live Twice,’ and The Beach Boys lyrics combined with lyrics inspired largely by Homer’s epic ‘the odyssey’ and popular 50s and 60s music,” Arsun explains. “The main melody kind of just came out of the blue when I was messing around with some chords one day. I really liked them and thought they had kind of a special surreal sound. I made the lyrics try to kind of reflect that vibe.”

The new track comes packed with a catchy, retro instrumental line, as Arsun’s gritty vocals take the lead, delivering lines like, “The dark skies and poplar trees/ Like white clay on tapestries/ Shows off their majesty.

Listen to “Southern Winds” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Tasmin Meyer Ersahin.