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Indie88 Premiere: Art rockers Tidal Wave are ready to move on in new single ‘Sunbleached’

Toronto 7-piece art rockers Tidal Wave have shared their second single of 2022, “Sunbleached,” premiering now on Indie88.

“Sunbleached” is a stunning indie rock ballad, with anthemic guitar lines and stadium-ready instrumentals. Lyrically, the track is all about feeling ready to move on from something in your life. Tidal Wave are encouraging you to move forward, even when it’s difficult to process.

“This represents that feeling when you’ve been too emotionally invested in something happening in your life, and at a certain point you’re worn out from wearing your heart on your sleeve and feeling everything so deeply that there simply isn’t anything left to feel,” lead vocalist and songwriter Connor Young explains. “And in that moment, you feel like it’s wrong to not be as broken up as you should be, but the physical truth is that you can’t anymore because you’re so disconnected from it.”

Listen to “Sunbleached” below.

Tidal Wave was formed in 2018, when the group met each other while working and performing in the live music scene in Toronto. The band is made up of lead vocalist Connor Young, guitarist and producer Marcus Retterath, drummer and keyboard player Mike Poisson, violinist and vocalist Joey Assaad, violinist Brittany Iwanciwski, guitarist Marco Carboni, and bassist Dylan Burrett.

“The name of the band rather accurately depicts the overall tone of an unrelenting unstoppable force,” a press release explains. “Tidal Wave evokes the melodic elements of indie rock bands like Arcade Fire, while creating compelling production-heavy ambient synth and guitar textures comparable to Godspeed! You Black Emperor and My Bloody Valentine.”

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