Indie88 Premiere: Ashleigh Ball Shares ‘Gold In You’ Video


Ashleigh Ball dropped her first solo EP, Gold In You, in June. Today, she unveils a fresh video for the title track.

“Gold In You” is a hazy summer jam, ready to soundtrack your cottage road trip weekend, and the visuals match the song’s vibe perfectly. Watch the video below.

“Gold In You” was shot just past Saltspring Island, on Tent Island by Brent Hodge, a longtime friend of Ashleigh’s.

“My boyfriend and I would often boat past this spot on route to friends cabins and he would grimly tell me that it was the island where his Grandfather had drowned in the 1950s when his mom was only 7 or 8,” Ball told Indie88. “We do a lot of boating in the summers and it was always this sort of mysterious place that held such a negative energy….until one day we decided to drop anchor in the bay and swim in. It’s one of the most beautiful gulf islands I’ve been to with sandstone cliffs and white shell beaches. we’ve returned time and time again with friends to camp.

“I thought it would be a fitting location to shoot a video for this song because of the heavy history and darkness of the place: ‘When Shadows blind we just let the light in.’ If you shift your perspective you can see the good in something.”

Ball put her seven-track debut solo effort together over the course of two years while her Juno-nominated band Hey Ocean! was on a hiatus.

You can catch Ashleigh Ball live September 9, at the Rivoli in Toronto.