Indie88 Premiere: Astral Swans share video for new single ‘Bird Songs’

A quirky new video from Astral Swans

Astral Swans have shared a video for their new single “Bird Songs.”

The energetic track revolves around self-sabotage, as the songwriter Matthew Swann sings about keeping someone at arms’ length out of fear. The quirky accompanying video sees Swann’s head superimposed on flowers as he sings along to the track.

“‘Bird Songs’ captures losing something special by your own hand, slowly and almost methodically, out of some terrible instinct of warped, misguided self-protection,” Astral Swans explain. “In the song, I contrast these dark themes against an upbeat melody, exploring the absurdity of human behaviour.”

Watch the video for “Astral Swans” below.