Indie88 Premiere: Austin Weber shares new track ‘I’ll Be Fine (Demo)’

'Demos For No One' is set for release on May 1

Austin Weber has shared a new track called “I’ll Be Fine (Demo)” off of his forthcoming EP, Demos For No One.

The new track is perfectly lo-fi, with an echoing guitar line and a clicking percussion, as Weber’s silky vocals take the lead. The track revolves around Weber’s lyricism, as he works his way through an inner battle between comfort and uncertainty.

“‘I’ll Be Fine’ is somewhere between an affirmation and a denial,” Weber explains. “It’s both. It’s the ego-id dissonance where the ego keeps insisting that everything will be ok while the id is hammering away with doubt and uncertainty. Everyone feels that sometimes. Personal paradoxes.”

Listen to “I’ll Be Fine” below.

Weber’s forthcoming EP Demos For No One is set for release on May 1st.