Indie88 Premiere: Baylee Barrett shares video for emotional new track ‘Good Time’

A new lo-fi track from Barrett

Baylee Barrett has shared a video for her emotional new track, “Good Time.”

The new track comes packed with a lo-fi guitar line, as Barrett’s lyricism takes the lead, delivering lines like, “I can’t tell if I like this song or it just reminds me of you/ Get this feeling in my knees at the part we use to hum along to.” The accompanying video sees Barrett performing along to the track in a bedroom while packing a bag and eventually leaving.

“‘Good Time,’ in a broad stroke, is about closure and all the little nonsensical things we do to find it,” Barrett explains. “Heartbreak isn’t a game, we all know, but for some reason I’m still dead set on winning.”

Watch the video for “Good Time” below.