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Indie88 Premiere: Bealby Point sing of love at first sight on bouncy new single ‘Mermaid From L.A.’

Bealby Point are back with a new single, “Mermaid from L.A.,” premiering now on Indie88.

The groovy new surf-rock anthem is inspired by love at first sight. “Mermaid from L.A.” revolves around killer guitar riffs and shimmering melodies. At the forefront are gritty, The Strokes-esque vocals that are sure to get you dancing.

“‘Love at first sight’ is a phrase that comes to mind when we think of our new single, ‘Mermaid From L.A.,'” Bealby Point explain. “You can make yourself believe that someone is perfect for you and begin to dream of scenarios of the two of you together, developing a beautiful relationship. All the while, this idea in your head is most likely not representative of who this person actually is.”

Listen to “Mermaid from L.A.” below.

“The ‘Mermaid from L.A.’ is a metaphor for this love of your life that has been crafted in your own self-interest, failing to acknowledge both sides of a relationship,” Bealby Point continue. “Instead of learning about the other person and relating to them, there exists a fantasy that you know exactly who they should be for you.”

Bealby Point hope to capture the most cherished memory of your favourite summer in song. The band’s memory of their roaming youth serves as the inspiration for most of their songwriting. You can truly feel this on their sunny new single, “Mermaid from L.A.”

The band’s name is inspired by their favourite beachside vacation spot in British Columbia. Bealby Point is made up of lead vocalist Jack Armstrong, bassist Jordan Studer, lead guitarist Clayton Dewar and drummer Zack Yeager.

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