Indie88 Premiere: Blick Bassy releases video for new track ‘Woñi’

Bassy's forthcoming album '1958' is set for release on June 21

Cameroonian singer-songwriter Blick Bassy is back with a video for his new track, “Woñi.”

“With the song ‘Woñi,’ I would like to talk about the feeling of fear that prevailed and still prevails around our colonial history, that contributed to the development of the tribal clichés, and that, today, alters our country,” Blick Bassy explains to Indie88. “That is also because of that fear that nobody dares to stand up to demonstrate or to fight for our freedom. My family grew up in fear. Men, women and children live in fear, and to exist, this beautiful community is getting drunk with alcohol, with fear, uprooted, under the astounded eyes of the ancestors.”

The powerful clip for the track comes with beautifully desaturated images of people looking through a scrapbook, dancing, and listening to music as Bassy’s jazzy tune plays in the background. The catchy track is packed with beautiful horn sections as Bassy’s resounding vocals take the forefront.

Watch the video for “Woñi” below.

Blick Bassy’s forthcoming album 1958 is set for release on June 21st, and you can catch Bassy at Montreal’s International Jazz Festival on 28th or Vancouver’s International Jazz Festival on June 29th.
1958 Tracklist:

01 – “NGWA”
02 – “NGUI YA”
03 – “KUNDÈ”
04 – “Woñi”
05 – “MPODOL”
06 – “LIPÉM”
08 – “MAQUI”
09 – “POCHË”
10 – “BES NA WE”
11 – “WHERE WE GO”
Lead photo courtesy of Justice Mukheli.