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Indie88 Premiere: Cat and The Queen explores ‘isolation and monotony’ in video for new track ‘Cabin Fever’

While gearing up for the release of I CAUGHT A FISH on Friday, February 26th, Cat and The Queen has shared a timely video for her new track “Cabin Fever.”

The gritty new track revolves around a powerful, driven instrumental, as Cat and The Queen’s throaty vocals take the lead. The accompanying video sees Cat and The Queen partying on her own, drawing Tarot cards, cooking eggs, and making her way through a desolate forest. Video creator/director/editor Kale Vandenbroek explains that the video is “a visual dive into isolation and monotony.”

“I started writing this song after a tequila driven party for one,” Cat and The Queen explain. “Isn’t it fun to spiral after a night of crawling the walls in one’s suburban childhood bedroom? It sure was a sexxxy sad night of deep dark diving into the internet wormhole of my ex boyfriend’s new life. What fun!!”

Watch the video for “Cabin Fever” below.

“Instead of a stagnant pity party puddle pool for one this track got elevated to the max with the help of London based musician co-writer friend, Matthew Parker. He laid down a riff that truly made ‘Cabin Fever’ bust out of isolation and made it the living room dance anthem of my 2021.”

Lead photo courtesy of Kale Vandenbroek.

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