Indie88 Premiere: Cat and The Queen releases video for new track ‘Lonesome Flame’

Her forthcoming album 'I CAUGHT A FISH' drops on February 26

While gearing up for the release of I CAUGHT A FISH on Friday, February 26th, Cat and The Queen has shared a video for her new track “Lonesome Flame,” premiering now on Indie88.

“Lonesome Flame” comes with a raw, gloomy instrumental, as Cat and The Queen delivers silky, melancholic vocal lines over top. The accompanying video, which was created by production team MOM’S BIG TUB, comes packed with clips of Cat and The Queen dancing and singing along to the track, interspersed with shots of someone making a sandwich, a raw chicken sitting in the rain, and more.

“This song is about Loneliness, and how we can make friends with it,” Cat and The Queen explains. “How can I invite Loneliness in? How can I give it some Space – maybe even a rest or a good meal or a hot bath – and See her for what she is: a tender flame with the Desire to Connect. OOOoof. When I see her clearly she gets the chance to Evolve – from Loneliness to Solitude, she morphs and becomes her most celebrates Self.”

Watch the video for “Lonesome Flame” below.