Indie88 Premiere: CATL releases video for ‘I’m On’

They're also hosting a Halloween bash this Saturday at The Dakota Tavern

Toronto-based indie rock band CATL have just released their video for “I’m On,” which revolves around heightened memories and the way we perceive experiences.

The video was directed by Toronto’s own Sally Cinnamon, who recorded it on digital and super 8 film to show how we perceive memories differently. “Looking at it all together is sentimental and weird,” Cinnamon explains. “Being alive and remembering being alive, you’re in two places at once.”

Watch the video below.

“I think it’s a cool thing to have a female filmmaker work with us,” CATL drummer Sarah Kirkpatrick told Indie88 via email. “Seeing women represented in all aspects of music is important to me, and incredibly important to new generation of women in music. I think we need to lead by example and show that women are fully capable of doing all the things that are stereotypical dominated by men. The lack of female sound techs, engineers, venue owners, promoters, booking agents… you name it… they are still very much underrepresented in the music biz. I find that astounding. It’s 2018. It’s the END of 2018. That’s insane.”

CATL will also be hosting their fourth annual Halloween Bash this Saturday, October 27th at The Dakota Tavern. The event will feature the rad tunes from CATL and Nashville-based openers, VOLK, as well as prizes for best costume.