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Indie88 Premiere: Charlie Reed reminisce on a long term relationship on dreamy debut single ‘Don’t Drop Me’

Chicago indie-alt outfit Charlie Reed have shared a video for their debut single, “Don’t Drop Me,” premiering now on Indie88. The track comes from their forthcoming album, Eddy, out May 1st, 2022 via Earth Libraries.

“Don’t Drop Me” is a hazy, retro single with dreamy harmonies and captivating vocals. The guitar-driven Charlie Reed tune has sunny melodies that are sure to get you swaying. The accompanying video follows a woman getting interviewed while playing a series of sports. Those “interviews” she partakes in see her singing along to the tune.

“[When I wrote the song], I was reminiscing on one of my first long term relationships,” Charlie Reed frontman Luke Trimble explains. “I couldn’t believe that it was happening and what I had done to be ‘dropped’ or left behind. In retrospect I realize that I was in such a deep depression that I had no capacity to love this person. In their eyes I was taking the relationship for granted.”

Watch the video for “Don’t Drop Me” below.

“The bones of the song was first tracked live,” Trimble continues. “Bass, drums, acoustic guitar. Starting off I didn’t think much besides I liked the hook. Since we hadn’t really rehearsed it I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. That enabled me to have some fun with the song. I pieced some of the instruments together at my home. Vocals, electric guitar, and Nolan on My upright piano. Later, Colin added some awesome guitar lead and keys that really brought the song together making it one of my favorites on the album.”

Charlie Reed is made up of Luke Trimble, Twin Peaks’ Colin Croom, Divino Nino’s Justin Vittori, Nick Beaudoin, Nolan Chin, and Nora Chin.

Their forthcoming album, Eddy is all about collaboration. The band truly leans into a subtle DIY sound, with indie rock flourishes and alt-pop melodies.

Check out the tracklist for the upcoming Charlie Reed album Eddy below.

Eddy Tracklist:

01 – “All Again”
02 – “Love Store Stickup”
03 – “Holding On”
04 – “Helpless”
05 – “Leave Me In Here”
06 – “Too Late Mama”
07 – “Baby Who Are You”
08 – “Don’t Drop Me”
09 – “Your Hair Is Nice”
10 – “Saving Up”

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