Indie88 Premiere: Chris Garneau releases new album ‘The Kind’

Garneau is set to livestream the album in full on February 14

LGBTQ+ artist Chris Garneau has made his return with The Kind, the follow-up to 2018’s Yours.

The new album comes packed with chamber pop tracks that have been patiently created throughout the last two years. Garneau, who is set to deliver a livestreamed performance of the album in full from the Hudson Opera House on February 14th, says that the album is all about coming to terms with and growing from his past traumas.

“This album speaks to centuries of behavioral patterns, code, internalized homophobia, social constructs, intimate family dynamics and secrets, hidden darkness, and the possible healing,” Garneau explains of The Kind. “It is the most intentional album I have ever made. These ten songs cover a very specific window of time during which I was recovering from decades of trauma. I consider this work to be simultaneously a release and embrace of my youth, and my early adulthood into which these traumas bled. I hope this album can offer a path to that undertaking, that reckoning, that love and healing to others, too.”

Stream The Kind below.