Indie88 Premiere: Close Talker’s ‘Waking Up’

Canadian indie band is ready for a fresh start

For Saskatoon band Close Talker, their upcoming album Lens “marks a new chapter” for the trio. Since kicking off in 2012, the band has downsized to three members, Will Quiring, Matthew Kopperud, and Christopher Morien and with this album wish to create “music more authentic than ever before.”

“Waking Up” is Close Talker’s newest single, which, according to the band, was “a last minute contribution to Lens.”

“[Our] new album Lens had already been mixed and mastered at this point, but despite this, [we] pursued writing and recording ‘Waking Up,'” said the band. “It seemed to scratch a new itch and showcase a different vantage point into [our] writing.”

The song was written by member Will Quiring after he spent time reflecting on what it means to grow up and realize “his priorities had shifted unintentionally, but necessarily.”

“One of the greatest gifts of marriage, is that it teaches you to ideally become less self-serving and nearsighted. ‘Waking Up’ documents this change which showcases a relentless effort to continually grow into a better version of yourself and signifies a direct moment when this shift became clear.”

As for “Waking Up,” the new track is a groovy, cosmic trip that could also be used on the soundtrack to a CW murder-mystery drama. And for Close Talker, this wasn’t an accident.

“When the band added keys it became very evident that each member of the band had recently binge watched Stranger Things that summer.”

Close Talker’s upcoming album Lens will be out April 21. In the meantime, listen to the premiere of “Waking Up” below.