Indie88 Premiere: Dan Edmonds unveils dreamy video for new track ‘Beside You’

A perfectly trippy video for the smooth indie track

Dan Edmonds has unveiled a dreamy video for his new track, “Beside You.”

“The intention of ‘Beside You’ was to examine the imbalance between love and insecurity,” Edmonds explains in a statement. “Specifically, it was written in a moment in which I was deeply invested in someone, perhaps too much for my own good. I was trying to capture a specific feeling – when you’ve built up an idea of someone, and believe it to be true. It can crush your spirit when what you’ve build falls.”

“Beside You” is a gritty, yet smooth indie track, filled with a slow-building drum line and dreamy synths as Edmond’s crooning vocals take the lead. The accompanying video is just as dreamy as the track, as a woman floats through the sky and a man unknowingly walks through the street until they both meet at a picnic table in a field.

Watch the video for “Beside You” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Sid Singh.