Indie88 Premiere: Dan Moxon drops new video for ‘Where You Gonna Sleep Tonight’

A groovy ballad from Moxon

Vancouver based singer-songwriter and pianist Dan Moxon has dropped a new video for “Where You Gonna Sleep Tonight.”

“‘Where You Gonna Sleep Tonight’ is really just a song about the push and pull of modern relationships. Not wanting to call it quits but struggling with the day to day distractions, busy lives and the trust between partners,” Moxon explains to Indie88. “It’s that feeling when your partner doesn’t come home at night, and you can’t sleep wondering where they might be – or the feeling when things get too overwhelming and you might be moving on yourself.”

The track is a groovy ballad, as Moxon croons atop a catchy piano line, bouncy drum beat, and intimate harmonies. The accompanying clip sees a pair of dancers as they work through problems in a relationship, interspersed with scenes of Moxon performing powerfully in a brightly lit room.

Watch the video for “Where You Gonna Sleep Tonight” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Christoper Edmonstone.