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Indie88 Premiere: Daniel Ellsworth & Great Lakes Share ‘Wonder Woman’ Video

Nashville-based band Daniel Ellsworth and The Great Lakes are releasing their new full length album, Fashion, in three parts, Chapter One and the Chapter Two EPs are out now and the full album will be out later this year. In the lead up to the final release, the band is unveiling a series of acoustic videos each song they are calling “Backtracked.”

“For our newest ‘Backtracked’ videos, we shot them live inside my bedroom at my house in Nashville,” Ellsworth told Indie88. “We found a couple of simple drum machine loops that we liked and ran with it as the backing track. I limited myself to the tiniest analog synth I had – the Korg Minilogue. It’s an instrument I use in my studio all the time, but playing it live for a stripped down video with it’s limited 3-octave range and tiny little baby keys was a unique challenge.

“For ‘Wonder Woman,’ we wanted to strip the song down from what it’s like on the recording to one small keyboard, acoustic guitar, bass, and drum machine loops to try and give the song an entirely new vibe and feel.”

Watch the video for “Wonder Woman” below.

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