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Indie88 Premiere: Dave Monks asks ‘the hardest questions lovers can ask each other’ on intimate new track ‘Sweet’

Tokyo Police Club frontman Dave Monks has shared a music video for his new track, “Sweet,” which marks the follow-up to his recent single, “Love.”

The lo-fi, bedroom pop-style track comes packed with delicate vocals, as Monks offers up intimate vocals that, at times, verge on whispers, as he delivers lines like, “Baby there’s a life I gotta live/ Baby there’s a love I gotta give.” The accompanying video, which Monks created with his Patreon followers, comes packed with shots of household items that offer up an intimate glimpse at life at home.

“The first line was a very stream of consciousness kind of thing but then as I added to it, it started to paint a very real and detailed picture for me,” Monks explains. “I think the song has an approachable grade-school way of asking the hardest questions lovers can ask each other. Sometimes we think of music production as making something flashy or ‘big’ sounding, but it can also take you into tiny personal spaces and add to the feeling in that way. My engineer, Jesse (Turnbull), was trying out different cheap microphones on my vocals and it gave the song a really intimate bedroom vibe.”

Watch the video for “Love” below.

Monks explains of the video:

“I decided to start making a video on my own and it was weirdly exciting and visceral to feel the home-spun mood take shape visually. I eventually opened it up to my Patreon followers to make it more of a collaborative thing. Looking through all the clips I was sent, I felt very moved to have brought into the beautiful and sometimes cluttered corners of people’s homes and lives.

At the very end of the video, I needed something to help build it so I took a quick clip of me walking to the studio door. It was one shot. In it, I think I answer the question ‘Are you sweet on me?’ with a quick movement of my head: yes.”

Lead photo courtesy of Britney Townsend.

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