Indie88 Premiere: Deanna Petcoff releases playful video for powerful new track ‘Stress’

Catch her at The Drake Hotel on November 13

Deanna Petcoff has just released a playful, colourful new video for her warm, textured track “Stress.”

Petcoff’s music is all about yearning, and you can really hear it in her latest song. Her throaty vocals intertwine with pining lyrics to leave the listener with a feeling of intense longing and desire. The track is interlaced with influences from Petcoff’s youth like David Bowie, Joan Jett, Lou Reed, and Patti Smith.

The video features Petcoff getting ready and lightheartedly dancing with an empowered girl squad as they sing along to the upbeat melody of “Stress.”

Watch the video for “Stress” below.

“My new single ‘Stress’ is about frustration, loss of hope and acceptance of a situation that will never be fixed,” Petcoff explains to Indie88. “The unbearable weight of not feeling good enough for the person you want; thinking they might want you back but can’t follow through with their flirtatious actions.”

You can catch Deanna Petcoff opening for Tor Miller at The Drake Hotel on Tuesday, November 13th.