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Indie88 Premiere: Del Bel Share Eerie ‘Shapeshifters’ Video

Southwestern Ontario outfit Del Bel have always flashed a penchant for crafting eerie indie-pop that would lend itself well to a B-movie soundtrack. It’s fitting that the band has effectively taken matters into their own hands with the video for “Shapeshifters,” which splices their pop-noir with footage from the classic 1959 horror film House On Haunted Hill featuring Vincent Price.

Indie88 is pleased to premiere Del Bel’s video for “Shapeshifters.”

“I’m always drawn to cheap used books at garage sales or bookstores, and had picked up a hardcover with an intriguing title – ‘Psychic Powers’ or something,” singer Lisa Conway told Indie88. “This book ended being a pretty exciting read, and a great source of inspiration during my writing process for this record. I’m not sure how much of the scientific process is involved in these narratives – it’s definitely pretty pseudoscience-y – but there’s certainly many shapeshifters, and they always seem to be hanging out in the mist.”

Check it out below.

This video was edited by J. Barkhouse on behalf of Black Lab Studio. Barkhouse spoke to Indie88 about lining up footage from House On Haunted Hill with Del Bel’s “Shapeshifters.”

“Aside from the mood and eeriness, I chose House On Haunted Hill to go along with ‘Shapeshifters’ because of the correlation between the plot of the film and the refrain, ‘The maze, the maze.’ Returning to shots of the maze-like mansion, during the choruses, allowed me to condense the 75-minute film to fit the four-minute song.”

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