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Indie88 Premiere: Dendrons share flashy video for new track ‘Same Spot’

While readying the release of their forthcoming album, 5-3-8, in 2022, Dendrons have returned with a video for their new track, “Same Spot,” premiering now on Indie88.

“Same Spot” comes packed with gritty guitar lines, a driven, circular beat, and gloomy melodies that make for a captivating tune you’ll find yourself revisiting time and time again. The accompanying video comes packed with colourful flashing graphics, as Dendrons perform along to the tune.

“Lyrically this song started off with a few vague images, as do many lyrics I come up with, and I sort of pieced them together. The whole band ultimately helped edit,” Dendrons explain. “Originally, I pictured a sort of a sprawling, dystopian city – a king of rusty city hell. In it, I imagined two main characters, possibly a couple (or friends), looking down from a rooftop into smog and the industrial rat race. They are bolstering one-another, speaking as if they are separate from it, when in reality they are destined to be a part of it – Destined to repeat patterns + identify with them.”

Watch the video for “Same Spot” and check out an exclusive Q&A with the band below.

“The characters find comfort in each other, not in the world, it would seem. But they are of the world. They are worldly,” Dendrons add.

“I was reading Dante’s Inferno a lot. Dante’s rings of the underworld + different circles of hell was something I was thinking about. Circle imagery is sprinkled liberally throughout the song. I kind of thought of circles and how it relates to the Ouroboros. The lyrics “ You watch impalas move donuts round the lot. They all move backwards. They all move back.” Is my wink and nod to Circle 8, Bolgia 4 from Dante.

The charters in the song talk in circles, and keep cycling through a wide spectrum of talking points. They do this until they land on something they both intrinsically agree on, forgetting the lot of their disagreements——Feelings of understanding overshadowing anything else. That can be distorting. I imagined the two characters in the song on some kind of amphetamine.

I kept thinking about Politicians like Trump, who are constantly speaking on every side of an issue, as a manipulation tactic, so his base will eventually zone in on what they wanted to hear from the beginning. He will affirm and denounce the same subject in one ramble. I think about how often I’ve known people who work like this.

The song is kind of a hodgepodge, for sure. ”

What do you want people to take away from the song?

“Everyone’s interpretation of the song is true and valid. I don’t want to tell anyone what to take away or feel from it. If someone gets something totally different from what I originally intended, that’s beautiful. A lot of things are open ended and language is flexible.”

Anything else noteworthy?

“The music video to “Same Spot” was made by the band, and a lot of it was recorded with a junker surveillance camera one of our band members bought online.”

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