Indie88 Premiere: Dizzy Spells release new track ‘Retrograde’

Catch them at The Mule Spinner in Hamilton on November 24th

Hamilton-based surfy psych pop band, Dizzy Spells, have just released their latest track “Retrograde.”

The new tune focuses in on the otherworldly experience of creativity, and the importance of reaching an uncomfortable state of mind in order to reach new levels artistically. “The spirit of creativity is our biggest muse,” the band explains. “‘Retrograde’ carried with it an emotional directness that put us in a trance-like state.”

Listen to “Retrograde” below.

When speaking about their writing process, Dizzy Spells told Indie88 that “as each member crafted their part, the euphoria would reach a high and that high would propel the song closer to its current state. We want to bring about the sense of otherworldliness that ‘Retrograde’ has given us.”

You can catch Dizzy Spells playing some of their new tunes live at The Mule Spinner in Hamilton on November 24th, where they’ll be supporting Netherlands-based band, Aestrid.
Lead Photo by Kaylyn Roloson