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Indie88 Premiere: Eamon McGrath shares new track ‘Sparkle & Bleed’

Eamon McGrath is back with a new track called “Sparkle & Bleed,” which comes from McGrath’s forthcoming full-length album, premiering through Indie88.

“The song I am sharing with you today was written at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, in what will be remembered as an incredibly surreal and dreamlike spring in the city of Toronto,” McGrath explains. “There was a really distinct, yet indescribable, texture that seemed to be thick in the air and that’s exactly what I wanted to try and translate through ‘Sparkle & Bleed.’ No one knew what to make of it all, we were just floating and lost.”

The shimmering new track comes packed with bright, dreamlike instrumentals as McGrath’s hearty vocals take the lead alongside guest vocals from Julie Doiron.

Listen to “Sparkle & Bleed” below.

“Coming to terms with the pandemic and the reality of the situation has been tough as everybody has their own experience of how it first went down,” McGrath continues. “It was very alienating, but desire ended up being a catalyst for many of the songs I’ve written throughout this difficult period.”

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