Indie88 Premiere: Electronic indie band Fake Shark share video for new track ‘Bad Chemistry’

The video feels like an '80s-induced trip

Vancouver band Fake Shark make a strong return with a trippy video for their new track “Bad Chemistry.” This is the band’s first release of this year.

The track strays away from Fake Shark’s usual electronic-inspired sounds and taps into an indie rock energy, with gritty guitar and guttural, passionate vocals. The accompanying video feels like an ’80s-induced trip, with creepy lab clips intercut with neon visuals.

“‘Bad Chemistry’ is a song about making the wrong decisions romantically in the relationship. It’s about being selfish and being impulsive in the moment. It’s about finding it sexy to be dysfunctional,” said the band’s lead singer, Kevvy.

Check out the music video for “Bad Chemistry” below.