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Indie88 Premiere: Emby Alexander shares video for new orchestral pop track ‘You Can Do It’

While readying their new album, SOARS ERA, which is out on July 24th, Arizona indie-psych-pop outfit Emby Alexander have shared a video for their new track “You Can Do It,” premiering now on Indie88.

Emby Alexander, who draw inspiration form new wave and no wave bands like Joy Division and Talking Heads, channel a sort of orchestral pop on this new tune. Revolving around steely electric guitars and percussion made from sounds of a half-filled bathtub, this dreamy tune is definitely a must-listen. The accompanying Trevvor Riley-directed video sees Emby Alexander at night outside of a parking lot, singing along to the track and hanging out with a giant rock.

“This is a simple, little sing-song,” Emby Alexander explain. “The whole song is built upon a beat I made in the bathtub. I was afraid I was going to slip in and electrocute myself but everything went smoothly. The electric guitar kind of accidentally sounds like a steel drum. I ran with that Van Dyke Parks/Brian Wilson vibe. We invented our own genre we call ‘Tallwave’ a while back. This is another song to add to the Tallwave canon for sure.”

Watch the video for “You Can Do It” and check out an exclusive Q&A about the song and video below.

What do you want people to take away from the song?

Emby Alexander: “I hope this is your anthem or mantra for 2021 and beyond. I wrote it with someone specific in mind, but I hope it can apply to anyone, too. You can do it. I know you can.”

Was there a particular mood you were trying to capture? A story you were trying to tell?

“I think the mood emerged organically on its own. The bathtub-beat and the harmonies feel intimate and friendly to me. I hope fans can be in the sun and outdoors and recall this one. Maybe listen inside and pretend you’re outside.”

Anything else noteworthy?

“Rusty Santos mixed this one. I knew his work from Animal Collective, Panda Bear, and Born Ruffians. I immediately thought he could do this song justice. I give him too many details about the direction. I knew he’d grasp the sound I was going for and he did right away. It was different than I would have done and that’s exactly why we needed him. I am so happy I reached out and so happy he mixed it. I hope he mixes a bunch more for us in the future.”

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