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Indie88 Premiere: Experimental pop band Confusions share new EP ‘Grounds’

Experimental pop band Confusions have released their new EP Grounds via Earth Libraries, premiering now on Indie88.

Founded by songwriter and music therapist Ben Turner, Confusions’ songs revolve around the therapeutic process of making music. Grounds is a perfectly genre-bending collection, as the band channel lo-fi garage sounds, pop-influenced melodies, and funky rhythms. The dreamy new collection is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before, and you’ll find yourself returning to Grounds again and again.

Grounds was a place for me to process grief, observation, and connection,” Confusions’ Ben Turner explains. “I was experimenting with romanticism, experimental pop, new wave, and surf influences. Recording and writing have generally been synonymous processes for me. As I was writing these songs, I was making a lot of lo-fi demos. They were lo-fi, largely due to restrictions of my setup at the time. But I had a Roland SP-404 I used to treat the audio, which added to the lo-fi character as well. The textures in these demos began to feel congruent to the emotions I was processing. Because of this, Brendan had the idea to blend lo-fi and hi-fi signals, of the same instrument, voice, sample, etc. This approach began to represent the varying levels of clarity I felt within myself, during a time of grief and many changes.”

Stream Grounds below.

“We had the opportunity to track the percussion, as well as some of the pianos and guitars, in a recital hall,” Turner adds. “Thanks, Donna! We were really keen on the acoustics in this space. We recorded as much as we could in a week. Then we generally worked from a distance the rest of the album. We would intermittently meet up in Chicago, Cleveland, and Columbus, to overdub, exchange files, and work on re-amping layers. These trips were my favourite part of making the record. Each time we got together, something new and unexpected would come out of the process. Sometimes we would throw on a Werner Herzog documentary, and work in parallel on different things. We started to call these ‘Herzog sessions,’ which for us, also involved burritos, impossible burgers, and long breaks. We had some really good times making this album.”

Grounds features standout track “We Were Programmed To Fall In Love.” The art pop anthem comes packed with gritty guitars and silky, yet ominous vocal lines.

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