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Indie88 Premiere: farideh sings of otherworldly knowledge on new single ‘Oracles’

Saskatoon indie pop artist farideh has shared a video for her new track “Oracles,” premiering now on Indie88.

“Oracles” is a hazy, dreamy tune that revolves around a punchy instrumental. Throughout the track, farideh sings of reading auras and premonitions. The silky, climbing vocals are sure to captivate and mesmerize you. The accompanying Stephanie Kuse-directed video avoids the cliche of psychicness. It shies away from crystal balls and heavy jewelry, and leans into the abstract idea of intuition.

“This song is inspired by the stories I heard growing up about women who had access to otherworldly knowledge,” farideh explains. “I come from a long line of ‘psychic-ish’ women. My aunt would read my aura and my future. My grandmother had an uncommon perception of people’s needs. It wasn’t a surprise to my mother when I started having premonitions and intuitions as a child. This song felt feminine and powerful and I wanted to capture the matriarchal wisdom of many ways of knowing.”

Watch the video for “Oracles” below.

The colourful new video sees farideh singing along to the track beneath colourful, kaleidoscopic lights. It comes interspersed with animated clips of crystals and stunning scenes.

“I had seen some of Stephanie’s work that featured moving objects and it reminded me of the song,” farideh explains of the video. “Our goal was to make the viewer feel like they could see inside my mind and the abstract elements of visioning.”

“Oracles” follows previously released singles, “WaveForms” and “Otherside of Truth.” Timon Martin produced the tracks and Howie Beck mixed them.

Farideh is really cementing her experimental sound on these tunes.

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Lead photo courtesy of Stephanie Kuse.

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