Indie88 Video Premiere: Fast Romantics Release for ‘Everybody’s Trying to Steal your Heart’

From the 2017 album 'American Love'

Fast Romantics have released a new video for the second single, “Everybody’s Trying to Steal your Heart,” from their outstanding 2017 record American Love.

The Toronto-based six-piece’s touring schedule only allowed for a tiny window to make a video for the song, but it all came together in one week under co-directors Ryan Thompson and Fast Romantics frontman Matthew Angus. Check out the new video below.

“This song is about a world where it feels like everyone and everything is designed to sell you something, to distract you from what’s important,” the band told Indie88. “And all you’re trying to do is, you know, find someone to love, maybe do something you’re proud of and live a good life.

“We knew the song was our next single, but our touring schedule meant we only had a week to make a video for it. I was connected with director Ryan Thompson, who came up with an amazing idea, but it seemed completely impossible considering the time we had. But we’re the sort of band that likes to jump on a running bull. He clearly was the same type. He worked with me day and night on this thing, on very little sleep and dozens of pots of coffee, and thanks to his talents, positivity, and some kind of magic, we’ve come out the other end with something we’re all really proud of, something that I think tells the story of the song perfectly.”

You can catch Fast Romantics live in Toronto at the Mod Club this Thursday.