Indie88 Premiere: Father Christmas share trippy video for psychedelic new track ‘Odyssey’

Their 'Equalizer' EP is set for release on Friday, May 21

Hamilton, Ontario’s Father Christmas are set to release their forthcoming Equalizer EP on Friday, May 21st via Wel Pel Records, and today they’ve shared a video for their groovy new track, “Odyssey,” premiering now on Indie88.

“Odyssey” is a dreamy psychedelic anthem, packed with warping guitar lines, shimmering synths, and smooth vocals.The accompanying video, which was directed by lead singer and guitarist Kyle Peters with cinematography and editing by Curry Leamen, comes packed with captivating, trippy shots of fruits, Goldfish crackers, and other foods floating through colourful liquid in time with the music.

“I wanted to create a visually appealing mix of fruit, candy, water and fire,” Father Christmas explain. “We rent out a garage from a family in Little Portugal where we jam weekly, write songs and recorded our newest album. I had this idea to shoot the video there, where we could control all the lighting and elements. The concept came after seeing similar videos on various Instagram accounts. We tried to take the best of those videos and re-create them with a limited budget. Fruit squishing between two pieces of plate glass, cotton candy dissolving when placed in water and a bubbling flaming pile of all your favourite childhood candies.”

Watch the video for “Odyssey” below.

“The song idea was based around those opening ominous chords played by Brian Moyer (who also played Trumpet on the EP),” Father Christmas continue. “We wanted the song to have a slow build toward the end, while utilizing space and phrasing. That pulsing rhythm carries throughout the track until the chorus hits with the vocals ‘I really want to know, what’s on your mind.’ The finger snaps before each chorus is actually a sample of a Nintendo Switch commercial which we sampled and added reverb to. We phased out the drums with Calvin at the end of the song to give it that uneasy, underwater feel to match the visuals of the video.”

Lead photo courtesy of Alexander Zen.