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Indie88 Premiere: Finn Matthews releases video for new track ‘Sunny Daze’

Finn Matthews has released a video for his new track, “Sunny Daze.”

“This song is about an experience that I think a lot of people who move away from their families can releate to,” Matthews explains in a statement. “In my case, it was LA. When you first get here, everything has this shiny veneer to it. It’s exciting and the possibilities seem endless. But after awhile the reality comes into focus and you have to decide who and what is important to you. It’s all a part of growing up that I wanted to capture.”

The catchy, groove-heavy track revolves around a killer hook and upbeat instrumental lines, as Matthews’ silky vocals take the lead. The accompanying video sees Matthews singing along to “Sunny Daze” in front of cityscapes, a moving subway, a Wes Anderson-style pink room, and more.

Watch the video for “Sunny Daze” below.

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