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Indie88 Premiere: FORCES share video for new track ‘Step In A Sway’

FORCES have shared a video for their new track, “Step In A Sway.”

“We were giving an impromptu drum lesson to a good friend. The lesson was very elementary – kick drum hits on every beat, snare on 2 & 4 and hats on the 8ths. Dave played along on guitar with (what would become) the verse chord pattern … he cycled it over and over as our friend fell in and out of tempo,” FORCES explain of the track to Indie88. “The goal of the lesson was to get her to stop thinking about the three separate actions her body was doing and to just try and dance with the beat and guitar.”

The catchy track revolves around a bubbly, yet driven instrumental line and Jess’ silky vocals. The accompanying technicolour video is just as fun-loving as it follows Jess dancing and making her way through city streets and a picturesque forest.

Watch the video for “Step In A Sway” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Joe Fuda.

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