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Indie88 Premiere: FXRRVST release video for new track ‘Floorboards’

Australian-Canadian indie-rock duo FXRRVST are releasing their new EP, Dear Friend; Part 2, tomorrow, and today they’re celebrating with a video for their new track “Floorboards.”

“Floorboards” features a driven, energetic instrumental line, as vocalist Holly Forrest delivers powerful lines like, “Floorboards will creak/ From the weight of your mind.” The accompanying video follows Holly making her way through a scenic landscape on a bike before exploring a haunted house.

“I wrote this song looking back on some rough times I had been through,” vocalist Holly Forrest explains. “It was a way to acknowledge how I felt, and that it was normal and warranted, but was time to be positive and move forward in a better state of mind. This really comes to light with the lyrics in the bridge ‘nails pinned to open frames. Inside you hold broken things, when you could showcase greatest memories, before it all goes wrong.”

Watch the video for “Floorboards” below.

“Floorboards was a pretty interesting video for us to shoot,” guitarist Matthew Fuentes adds. “The most nerve-wracking part was Holly making her debut as a lead actor. In all our previous music videos we have only made short cameos, so this a big deal! With COVID restrictions tightening up again, we decided that the safest way to proceed with filming was to limit our crew to only ourselves, our videographer (William Nguyen), and our director (Matthew Narea). I think because of this, ‘Floorboards’ is a very special video for us.”

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