Indie88 Premiere: Gabby Fé releases video for new single ‘Enough For You’

A perfectly smooth R&B track from the up-and-coming artist

Up-and-coming artist Gabby Fé has released a video for her new single “Enough For You.”

“This song is about being picked last,” Fé explains to Indie88. “After he’s gone through all the other options and nothing has worked out, he comes back to me. It’s an unrequited love but I still want him. I want to be ‘Enough for You.’ We had out good times but nothing consistent and I want more.”

“Enough For You” is a perfectly smooth R&B track, revolving around a catchy guitar riff, a silky bass line, and Fé’s powerful vocals. The accompanying clip was inspired by one of Fé’s favourite childhood movie characters, Jessica Rabbit of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Throughout the clip, Fé is a regular girl going through her day in New York, and then at night she turns into her own “Jessica Rabbit” persona.

Watch the video for “Enough For You” below.

Fé will be performing at Pianos in New York City on December 7th.