Indie88 Premiere: Gareth Inkster releases new song ‘Vacant’

Inkster sings of wanting a phase of his life to be over

Hamilton’s Gareth Inkster has shared a new song called “Vacant.”

“My new song, ‘Vacant,’ was written as a knee-jerk response to a really difficult season of life at the end of last summer,” Inkster explains. “I had lost my appetite, I wasn’t sleeping well, and having a really hard time making sense of my situation. It went on for a while, too – so much so that I eventually just grew sick of how I was feeling, and really wanted it to be over.”

The song launches with a pulse of Inkster’s gritty vocals from the get go, as he bursts out the lyric, “Vacant.” As the track progresses, it comes packed with layers of guitars, shimmering keys, and a driven drum beat, as Inkster sings, “I’m tired/ Well, I’ve never been so tired/ I’ve never been so tired/ I need to sleep again.”

Listen to “Vacant” below.