Indie88 Premiere: Girlfriend Material Share ‘Peace Sign’ Video

Toronto-based band features members of Tokyo Police Club and Hollerado

Toronto-based alternative rock outfit Girlfriend Material is made up of members of Tokyo Police Club and Hollerado, who’ve come together to blend 90s alternative-inspired hooks and an affinity for archaic technology in their debut video for “Peace Sign.”

Girlfriend Material is Graham Wright (TPC), Josh Hook (TPC), Jake Boyd (Hollerado), and Joseph Garand. Wright spoke to Indie88 about his inspiration for “Peace Sign.”

“The whole point of Girlfriend Material on a, like, philosophical level is basically that I get to rummage around in my brain and build songs around whatever seems interesting or funny to me,” Wright told Indie88. “And, like anybody my age, a lot of the things in my brain are old computers and stuff. While I was getting this thing together I realized that nobody really uses screensavers anymore, which is a bummer.

“For a while your computer would be an extension of your whole aesthetic presentation even when you weren’t using it; everyone could see that you installed The Matrix code screensaver and your parents couldn’t figure out how to turn it off. Now it’s just a sea of dead black screens. That seems worse to me.”

Watch “Peace Sign” below.

Girlfriend Material’s debut self-titled EP features fives songs “about love, getting older and absorbing the power of the sun to ascend into space.”

here is the first Girlfriend Material EP. it'll be on streaming services soon, but for now this is the only place to get it. thanks for listening if you listen!!

Posted by Girlfriend Material on Tuesday, November 14, 2017