Indie88 Premiere: Grizzly Coast releases high-energy new track ‘High-Functioning’

Grizzly Coast's forthcoming EP is set for release in early 2020

Grizzly Coast, the musical project of Toronto indie rocker Alannah Kavanagh, has released a high-energy new track called “High-Functioning.”

“My new single, ‘High-Functioning,’ is a song about holding your life together in every place but your own head,” Grizzly Coast explains to Indie88. “When I wrote the lyrics, I was going through a difficult time with my OCD. During that period, nobody in my life could tell that my inner world was overwhelming because I was right on the ball in so many other capacities. One particular night, I thought to myself – ‘I may as well try to write instead of just sitting and stewing in these uncomfortable feelings.'”

The frantic, perfectly chaotic track comes packed with layered, gritty electric guitar lines and a resounding drum beat as Kavanagh’s smooth vocals take the lead. Kavanagh’s vulnerable lyricism truly shines on this track, as she sings lines like, “Am I just a speck?/ The joker in your deck/ I count up one, two, three/ Still gets the best of me.”

Listen to “High-Functioning” below.

Grizzly Coast’s forthcoming EP is set for release in early 2020.

Lead photo courtesy of Kyle Michael Murray