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Indie88 Premiere: Guy Blue’s new video for ‘No Vision’ is a video game you can play

Brooklyn-based artist Guy Blue has shared a music video/game for his debut single, “No Vision,” premiering now on Indie88.

“No Vision” sees Guy Blue creating a character that can’t help but be self-destructive. With wailing, processed vocals and pulsing melodies, “No Vision” is definitely a must-listen. The accompanying video/game, created in collaboration with Shea Stadium, allows you to explore and revisit a closed space in Brooklyn.

“Collaborating with Shea Stadium, Ladd created Bluepoint, a digital recreation of closed DIY spaces in Brooklyn,” a press release explains of the Guy Blue video/game. “The project combines two passions–music and video games–and serves as a love letter to lost spaces and times. The game offers players the chance to revisit Shea Stadium and mingle with regulars and staff, with dialogue contributed by their real-life counterparts. The pixelated, 16bit graphics crystallize the experience into one that is hyper simplified, yet unmistakably Shea. Here the edges of the memory are too sharp; the muddy details can’t possibly be contained in the plane of pixels. It leaves the player missing the real thing even more.”

You can play the “No Vision” music video/game here or listen to the track below.


More about the new Guy Blue track:

“I wrote ‘No Vision’ when I was knowingly making a lot of bad decisions in my life,” Guy Blue explains. “I was trapped in a self destructive loop, and that spiraling momentum definitely found its way into the track. I think it’s a story a lot of people will relate to. We’re all compelled by destructive urges that have real consequences for those around us. There’s a reference to Tony and Carmela Soprano in the track. In the Sopranos, we see the horrifying consequences of Tony’s impulses, and yet he’s still an incredibly compelling and relatable character. I think it’s because seeing those darkest desires played out allows us to reflect on our own urges and actions. I hope the track accomplishes something similar.”

Guy Blue’s debut EP, Arms Wide is out on June 3rd, 2022. Check out the tracklist below.

Arms Wide Tracklist:

01 – “New Pallet Theme”
02 – “No Vision”
03 – “Arms Wide”
04 – “Gutted”

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