Indie88 Premiere: Hermitage Green share emotional new video for ‘Lake Winnipesaukee’

A powerful new video from the folk rock outfit

Folk-rock band Hermitage Green have shared an emotional new video for “Lake Winnipesaukee.”

The clip fits the melancholic indie track perfectly, as a wave of vintage photos and childhood memories flash across the screen. The track revolves around a slow build and powerful lyrics, with lines like, “Take me back to Winnipesaukee/ Beneath the stars and between your trees/ Too warm to sleep so we lay in the moonlight/ To cool your breath and ignite your dreams.”

“This song and video were inspired by a lifetime of memories created on Lake Winnipesaukee,” Barry Murphy explains of the clip. “It is incredible where life can take you and it is a beautiful thing to be able to look back and see it.”

Watch the video for “Lake Winnipesaukee” below.