Indie88 Premiere: Hux releases new indie pop track ‘Heavy’

This catchy track is sure to get stuck in your head

Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Hux has released a new track called “Heavy.”

The new indie pop track comes packed with a catchy instrumental line, and revolves around Hux’s clean vocals as he sings lines like “I wake up and I’m stressed/ Got concrete on my chest/ I want to spit that poison out/ So I can get ahead.”

“This song is about never really being able to escape from your past,” Hux explains in a statement. “No matter how hard you try to change, there’s always something that creeps back in. It illustrates the emotional roller coaster that many people go through. Whether it’d be stress, anxiety, or depression that leads into different forms of self medication. Life can just leave you feeling heavy sometimes.”

Listen to “Heavy” below.