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Indie88 Premiere: Isaac Symonds, Loryn Taggart sing of ‘catching eyes with a stranger’ on mesmerizing new single ‘Carved Into Stone’

Former Half Moon Run member Isaac Symonds and Loryn Taggart have shared a video for their cinematic new single, “Carved Into Stone,” premiering now on Indie88.

The stunning new collaborative single channels the sounds of the 50s, while honing in on a modern twist. From Isaac Symonds’ meticulous instrumentation to Loryn Taggart’s warm, comforting vocals, this mesmerizing track is sure to move you. The video captures the recording process of the track. Throughout the clip, Symonds and Taggart capture the sounds of dreamy strings and discuss the direction of the song.

“Carved into stone is a story about catching eyes with a stranger, falling in love with the idea of what could have been, and the longing felt upon that fleeting moment,” Isaac Symonds explains. “With a dark and magical arrangement, this song takes you through all the feelings; from a stark loneliness to a glowing warmth; beauty with a dramatic sting. Inspired by the 50’s, but with a modern twist; immerse yourself in this rich orchestration where every note, every voice, and every word has its place.”

Watch the video for “Carved Into Stone” below.

“Since my departure from Half Moon Run in early 2020, I’ve spent most of my time honing in on songwriting, producing, and recording,” Isaac Symonds continues. “I’ve been chiseling away; defining and refining my voice in a musical sense. There is no well-trodden path, but there is a compass. The dream is simple: to release music that I’m proud of, and to be prolific. I’d like to accumulate a hefty discography. Working in collaboration has really amplified that process.”

“Earlier this year, I released an ambient record with Toronot’s Yaehsun. With singer-songwriter Loryn Taggart (another collaborative project of mine), we embarked on a process that would later have an important impact on my writing trajectory. ‘Carved Into Stone;’ The lyrics, melodies, and song-form felt very strong from the beginning. We wanted to do the song justice by supporting it with the appropriate instrumentation and mood. Three or four demos later, we landed on this dark, rich, and moody orchestrated version. I’ve really taken a liking to music from the 50s, and somehow, we managed to nail that vibe, with a modern twist.”

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Lead photo courtesy of the artist.

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