Indie88 Premiere: J.R. releases video for new fuzzy indie-pop single ‘BE MY MAN’

A 70's punk-influenced track

Southern Ontario based artist J.R. has just dropped a video for her new fuzzy indie-pop single, “BE MY MAN.”

“Be My Man” is a tune that was inspired by late 70s punk, with gritty vocals, elaborate guitar riffs, and a killer drum beat. “This song is about making the same mistake over and over, hoping that you learn from it,” J.R. tells Indie88. “‘BE MY MAN’ is a plea to let go of the past and believe in the present. At the time of recording, an abusive relationship had depleted my confidence and amplified my self-doubt. This song is a reflection of that period in my life and my response to an angry man.”

The accompanying video is a unique compilation of vintage, film-tinged images like piano keys, working record players, and a girl at a party, as the words “BE MY MAN” flash in front of the clips.

Watch the video for “Be My Man” below.