Indie88 Premiere: James Gillespie shares video for new track ‘Rescue Me’

A powerful new video from Gillespie

U.K. singer-songwriter James Gillespie has shared a video for his new track “Rescue Me.”

“‘Rescue Me’ takes a deep look into a messed up relationship that’s entirely my fault,” Gillespie explains. “It’s about wanting to be saved and at the same time knowing you don’t deserve to be. It’s realizing that you’ve been broken since the beginning and no matter what you do – that won’t change. All that’s left is to pretend that you’re not until it all falls down around you.”

The accompanying Lukasz Pytlik-directed and filmed video comes packed with powerful clips of a man’s drive through foggy, winding roads in the evening.

Watch the video for “Rescue Me” below.