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Indie88 Premiere: Jane’s Party and Skye Wallace release reimagining of ‘Straight from the Heart’

Toronto pop-rock quartet Jane’s Party have released a reimagining of “Straight from the Heart,” featuring Skye Wallace.

The new single comes with an energetic instrumental line featuring a driven percussion line, weaving guitar riffs, and a smooth, dreamy ambiance. The track sees the band playing off of Wallace’s powerful vocals, as the silky reimagining comes packed with intimate, yet impactful harmonies.

“Have you ever been in a relationship where things get away from you? Have you ever said something wrong to the right person, but know that you can move past it? This song is for you,” Jane’s Party explains in a statement. “A re-imagining of our single, ‘Straight from the Heart,’ this new version explores love – both the exciting and mundane – and the compromise and empathy needed to sustain any relationship. Skye Wallace is featured on this recording, providing sublime vocals, as both a lead singer and in harmony with us.”

Listen to “Straight from the Heart (ft. Skye Wallace)” below.

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